Member Benefits

Why should YOU become a Beehive Beemer Club Member?

  • Free Safety Inspections at BMW of Utah
  • Stringer Newsletter
  • Discount on parts, labor, accessories, and clothing at BMW of Utah
  • Monthly breakfast meetings are great place to find riding partners
  • Camping weekends with group discounts, plus the club buying a dinner for those who attend.
  • Annual motorcycle rally with over $1,000 in door prizes, day rides, a planned GS ride, catered meals, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Annual classic and vintage bike show with a great bratwurst lunch

So the question is really … why NOT become a member of the Beehive Beemers Club!?

Most importantly, the club provides an opportunity for forming lasting friendships with other kindred spirits who share the joys of riding motorcycles, especially BMW motorcycles.

We hope you will consider joining the Beehive Beemers BMW Motorcycle Club.  If you aren’t sure about becoming a member, then we invite you to come to one of our meetings as a guest and “try us out” no strings attached. To learn of the next meeting, visit our Club’s Event Calendar.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are based on the month you join the Beehive Beemers. The dues are as follows:

January: $40.00 Per Person
February: $39.00 Per Person
March: $38.00 Per Person
April: $37.00 Per Person
May: $36.00 Per Person
June: $35.00 Per Person
July: $34.00 Per Person
August: $33.00 Per Person
September: $32.00 Per Person
October: $31.00 Per Person
November: $30.00 Per Person
December: $29.00 Per Person

Renewal Dues

All: $20.00 Per Membership     

Note: $0.88 Fee is added to all Renewals paid through PayPal.

Membership Application

To become a member please follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form below and click "Next Step"

  2. Wait for the payment screen

  3. Pay the membership dues online or by cash, check, or money order

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