Welcome to the Beehive Beemers BMW Motorcycle Club of Utah.  The Club was founded in October, 1985, when about half a dozen BMW motorcycle riders got together in Fairmount Park in Salt Lake City and formed an organization for BMW motorcycle owners and enthusiasts.   Since then, the club has grown to over 230 members and is a chartered club of both the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and the BMW Riders Association.  Our club is organized to promote the enjoyment and interest in ownership, riding skills and safety for persons who appreciate BMW Motorcycles, and to exchange technical information and assistance among members and from appropriate outside sources.  At all times our objective is to promote and present a better image of motorcyclists to the general public. We offer a variety of club activities for the enjoyment and benefit of club members.

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  • Harrison Eurosports
    Harrison Eurosports BMW Motorcycles of Utah

    Harrison Eurosports BMW Motorcycles of Utah offers an exclusive 10% discount for Beehive Beemers Members.

  • Monthly Breakfast Meetups

    Looking for new riding partners?  Just want to socialize with other Beemers?  Every month we get together for a Breakfast Meeting.

  • BMW Motorcycle Camping
    Annual Camping Weekends

    What could be better than taking a motorcycle trip to go camping?  How about saving money too?

  • Motorcycle Safety
    Motorcycl Safety Tips

    Articles and information regarding the many aspects of vehicle and equipment design as well as operator skill and training that are unique to safely […]