When I was a kid I loved World War II airplanes and had an encyclopedia of every aircraft built from 1936 to 1948 by every country. One of my top five favorite planes was the Folke Wulf 190 with the incredible 14 cylinder double radial engine (BMW801). I really knew nothing about BMW as a moto/auto manufacturer back then.

By junior high I began to take notice of BMW motorcycles, and I immediately recognized the engine appearing as a radial ‘airplane’ engine. From that point onward I wanted an old boxer BMW motorcycle.

It wouldn’t be until later in life that I was able to pursue my desires to have and ride BMW motorcycles. Now I’m making up for lost time because in my mind there is no such thing as having too many bikes. I even finally got that old boxer. Each bike takes on a soul of their own, and I love the difference in performances, sounds, and characteristic riding styles.

I partake in as many riding activities as possible as well as weeklong moto-vacation trips.

More surprisingly, a few years ago I took up performance track riding (initially just to improve my riding abilities) and soon found myself adding an S1000RR-M to my stable. I am 53 years old and at no time in my life would I have thought I’d own a 200+hp hyperbike – but boy do I love that bike.

Riding is more than just about the motorcycle, however – it’s about creating friendships and sharing the joys with fellow riders and BMW owners.