Todd Bingham – President

Todd Bingham – President2021-12-20T10:03:53-07:00

President:   Todd Bingham


Anything that gets my blood racing is probably worth doing. For me, riding a motorcycle is not a hobby, a need or a want, it’s a passion. I live to travel to every region on my motorcycle.

I think most of our members of the club are just like me. You don’t mind devoting a good amount of time and income to your motorcycles and your passion.

It’s about freedom. Freedom to find the open road. To choose the path less traveled. To look for the slowest in curviest route to a destination rather than the quickest and shortest. 

It’s about speed. The flick of the wrist, and the revving of the engine. Watching the RPMs increase in feeling the power and performance of the machine.

It’s about friendships. Meeting new people along the unbeaten path. Having complete strangers approach you and asked to learn about your motorcycle. Developing bonds with people while traveling thousands of miles together seeking out adventures every day through sunrises and sunsets, good meals, and amazing terrain and vistas.

It’s a brotherhood. It’s a stress reliever. It’s mental therapy. It’s not a hobby.  No, it’s a way of life.  

Bought the ticket, taking the ride. 



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