President's Message

Last Updated: June,  2018

By: Lloyd F Larimore

Putin’ On A Rally………first of all I would like to extend my sincere THANK YOU to those that contributed their time and dedicated service to help make the 2018 Red Rock Rendezvous a true success. As President of the Beehive-Beemer’s and default “Rally Master”, I really had no idea as to all the meticulous details that need to be taken care of to make the Rally a great experience for all of the attendees.
Our initial “guesstimate” (based on the very low number of Pre-Registrations) was that we would only have 60~65 attendees, which would barely cover expenses and financial commitments to the Panguitch Lions Club and the Panguitch Volunteer Fire Departments. At the last minute, we discovered that several individuals “mailed” Pre-Registration payments to the PO BOX which brought the number up to around 75 attendees and we had several “walk-in’s that brought the official count up to 86 attendees (I counted 52 tents). Fortunately, the Lions Club and the Fire Department had plenty of food for the Saturday morning Lions Club Breakfast and the traditional Saturday evening Volunteer Fire Department Pit BBQ (the Fire Chief advised us that over the years this event has made it possible for the Fire Department to purchase “a lot” of equipment).
Another RRR tradition the attendees greatly appreciated was the smell of fresh brewing coffee every morning, thanks to our 5 am early riser Will Palache and his devotion to helping all of the attendees get an early start for their daily rides. Will is also the head chef that prepares the Friday evening Brats.

Steven King gave us a great fun-educational experience with his “Safe Riding Skills” seminar, as well as guitar music and song for those that enjoy just sittin’ around and listening to soft music.
Companies and Individuals that made donations for awards;
Peter & Coleen Ballentine – several award items (new with tags)
Karla & Wayne Kedding – Promotional Products and Rally Hats
Moto Manufacturing – MirrorLoc (extends mirrors and provides a locking device for helmet or jacket)
In summary, most attendees plan to return for the 2019 Red Rock Rendezvous and we are already glad to hear that Marcia Thurmond has volunteered to be the Rally Master.