President's Message

February, 2020, President’s Message

Rides and Events. That’s what I was told members wanted more of. As I write this, there are
at least 14 events/rides on the Beehive Beemer FaceBook page. These will soon be copied
to the website. They may be there by the time the Feb Stinger goes out.

Starting with the February breakfast, I will be bringing a large 2020 calendar with all the
events listed. It is my fervent hope that these 3 avenues of communication will get the word
out to all of our members.

It’s going to be a packed riding season this year. I am looking forward to getting to know
more of you via the rides and events. I am planning on going to most of those on the list.
Many of them fill up and cap registration, so please don’t delay. Look up the event by
googling the name so you can find out the registration particulars for each.

And register early.

I’d like to ask as many of you as possible to attend the Stanley Stomp in Idaho on August 6th-
9th. ( I am looking for feedback on whether you are/were as impressed
by how well it was run and whether we as a club should seek to acquire the assets to do
something similar. Bear in mind that what you will be seeing is the accumulation of over 20
years by the Bavarian Mountain West club. I believe it would be reasonable to accomplish
something similar for our club in about 5 years if the members are behind it.

I want to schedule a post-breakfast ride every month. This may be a day-ride or an overnight
trip within easy reach. Please email me suggestions if you have favorite spots. It would be
especially helpful if you could include a link to the ride route, a description of what you like
about the place you are suggesting, etc. Also, be sure to indicate whether the ride should be
categorized as camping or whether el-cheapo-deluxo motel accomodations are available.

I am hosting the first monthly Potluck at my home on Feb 22nd. Goto, in
the Find box (shown below) enter my last name as shown and the password as shown, then
click on find. Click on “LET’S GO!”, ( see FaceBook or Stinger ) next to the event name and it will take you to a page where you can see what’s still needed for the event. Entertainment for this event will be a MC movie titled “Hitting the Apex”.

I wanted to thank all the members who have given me positive feedback about the efforts I’ve
made so far as the new club president. And also to those who have taken the time out to give
me suggestions and guidance. I’m not always quick with feedback or answers, but I do take
everything away with me and mull it over quite a bit. So thanks.