President's Message

Hello Fellow club members. It is both an honor and humbling that you chose to allow me to take a swing at this president thing. I hope I will live up to your expectations.

My initial focus will be to try to bring the membership closer together. I hope to achieve this by having activities which are fun and rewarding enough that participation will increase to levels the veterans tell stories about. Some of the activities under consideration are:

Rides at / after each monthly breakfast.

Frequent (monthly) Pot-luck dinners with either a tech theme, or motorcycle movie.

Quarterly Maintenance Days for the easier tasks like oil changes, tire changes, etc.

Weekend-long rides with either a motel or camping destination.

The first obstacle I run into with all these grandiose ideas is how to communicate with the membership. The Stinger is great, but it is one way communication. Much of event organization involves getting a head count of who actually will participate. In the case of the Pot-Lucks, we also need to sort out who will bring what, lets we end up at a pot-luck with 20 dishes of funeral potatoes and nothing else.

Two possibilities I am aware of are and Both have the feature of facilitating creating, managing, and scheduling events. The event organizer gets an instant count of how many people have signed up. The attendees can send messages with questions, etc. to the organizer.

At present I am leaning toward FaceBook. I have been told that many of you avoid it like the plague. I do understand the many reasons for doing so. I am happy to entertain feedback if you know of another option you feel would work better. Currently the Beehive Beemer FaceBook group has 143 members. The club membership roster I have see is around 190 members. This seems like a good start and with no other options to get going, I will start using FaceBook to post club activities / events.

I want to emphasize that our current other avenues of communication will also include notification and information about the events. By this I mean “The Stinger”, email blasts, etc.

I am working to host the first Montly Pot-Luck at my home on Feb 22nd, 2020. Details and more information will be both posted on FaceBook and in the February Stinger.