President's Message

March, 2020, President’s Message

We had our first club potluck on Saturday Feb 22nd. It was fun getting to hang out and
socialize with my fellow Beehive Beemers. People brought delicious foods and we proved
our mettle by consuming virtually everything.
The next potluck will be on March 28th, again at my home 13889 S Standing Oak Dr, Draper
84020. In order for everyone to be able to see what to bring I am again asking you to please
go to so we can coordinate this.
On the main page of
Enter my last name “de la Torre” for COORDINATOR LAST NAME, and “R1200” for
PASSWORD, then click on “Find”, then click on “LET’S GO!”.
This will take you to the event page and you can see what is still needed.
Click on “Take” next to the item category you wish to bring. If you have any trouble call me
954-646-5744 and I will help you navigate the site.
The format of the March potluck will be a short 30-45 minute presentation of the Cardo
Packtalk motorcycle comm systems followed by getting know & chatting with other club
If you own a Cardo Packtalk, and would like help updating to the latest firmware, please come
a bit early and we will update your unit’s firmware.
Or if you just want to play with it and practice, i.e. demystifying how to use certain features,
we can do that too.
I hope these potlucks will become a regular winter event of our club and that we can get
enough people attending regularly that we will need to find a venue which can accommodate
more people. If you have any ideas regarding the potlucks, from venues to format of the
event, etc. please email me. My email is
Also, I wanted to mention that due to how busy the riding season is, I will not be doing
potlucks during April-October unless there is a large demand by you folks.
It seems like a fair number of us are going to the National Rally in Great Falls, Montana. All
camping is on a first-come/first-served basis at the rally.
I am soliciting others who may wish to ride together so we can arrive at the BMW MOA Rally
venue as a group and secure campsites close to one another.
I am planning on leaving Salt Lake (Harrison Eurosports) on June 23rd, stopping for a looksee
at the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Id. If you’ve never been, this is a quaint little
museum with all kinds of gadgets and machinery for and about potatoes. There is an
abundance of really interesting information about potatoes, so much so, that I could go back
every year to refresh my memory. Within the same building is a small restaurant where you
can get loaded baked potatoes, fries, etc. My plan is for this to be our lunch stop.
From there it will not be a long ride to an idyllic campground somewhere near the half-way
point to Great Falls. The next day, June 24th, we’ll break camp, find a decent place for
breakfast and then ride on to the rally in Great Falls. I will create an event for this with more
details in the Beehive Beemer Facebook Group as they develop, and also post them in a
future Stinger.
Peter Ballantine is also leading a ride to the BMW MOA Rally in Great Falls, Montana. When
I last spoke with him, his ride was to be longer and more indirect. (Probably more scenic but
longer) If you are interested, connect with him at our monthly breakfast or via any of the other
popular methods. (email, phone, U.S. Mail) I will ask him to outline the details of his
ride/route in next month’s or a future Stinger. My point of mentioning this is that there will be
two group rides for you to pick and choose from. I am excited when I think about how much
fun it will be to hang out camping with everyone. I can hardly wait.
Last month I attended the Airhead Beemer Annual Death Valley Rendezvous and had the
pleasure of meeting some of our members from Southern Utah. I trailered my GSA to
Toquerville where fellow Beehive Beemer David Bright makes his home. He was gracious
enough to let me park my truck and trailer outside his home, and we rode together from there
to Furnace Creek Campground in Death Valley National Park. While there we met Bob
Testut and Brent Smith at the event and also ran into our VP Travis Burnett, which was a big
surprise to me, I was unaware he was attending. It was great having a “gang” of fellow
Beehive Beemers. I was delighted by how much I enjoyed everyone’s company, even though
we had just met. The stars in the sky at night in Death Valley are awesome. I will almost
certainly be attending again next year for that reason alone. I think this event has finally
ignited as I overheard the attendance was at an all time high. It was delightful to get into
some 70 degree sunny weather during February.
The next ride I see on the calendar is on March 19-22 for the Ensenada Beer Fest in
Ensenada, Mexico a.k.a. Baja California del Sur. This is a paid “Nearly All-inclusive” (3-night
Deluxe Hotel, Full Beer Fest Admission, breakfast, lunch & dinner, ground transport from hotel
to event, tolls, and guided on-road travel) tour being put on by Jim Foreman.
Login to the web site for more details and cost. There are still
spots available if you want to get out of dodge for a bit and enjoy some warm weather. The
tour meets at a Chevron in Laguna Hills, CA, so I’ll be leaving Utah on March 17th, and as
always happy to ride together with anyone else who goes.
I know everyone is chomping at the bit to ride as we near the end of winter. The Google has
informed me:
“The temperature rises most days during April to over 50 °F at Salt Lake City. The city
averages 7 days this month when the thermometer reaches into the 70s °F. Occasionally
an April day gets as warms as 80 °F.”
With that in mind, it seems wise that we should at least get the route planned for a postbreakfast
ride for April.
I want everyone to ask Travis Burnett where the April breakfast will be at the March Breakfast,
so you can email suggestions on what we should do for this ride.