Quinn Stirland, Vice President

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I’m actually a relative newcomer to the BMW riding community. My early business career kept me very busy, and I had very little time for the fun times I now enjoy riding motorcycles.

After spending some time in Houston Texas in the “Oil Patch”, and returning to salt lake in 1991 I purchased a used 1980 Yamaha Midnight Special. A sweet bike – black with gold chrome. Triple carbs. Only 850 cc, but it is a fun bike when all three carburetors are tuned up. I still have it in my garage. In 2000, I bought a new Victory Sport Cruiser. I did some Yellowstone trips, a couple of trips into Colorado to ride the million dollar highway, Wyoming, Reno Nevada, etc. I probably only rode 30,000 miles on the two bikes in the 5 years between 2000 and 2005.

Then in 2005 I bought my first BMW motorcycle. It was – in my opinion – a beautiful yellow 2003 R1150 GS, used, but with less than 3000 miles on it. Since purchasing that bike, I have ridden 25,000 to 35,000 miles per year regularly. One could say, I’m making up for lost time. Less than a year later I added another BMW to my fleet. I bought another used bike – a K1200GT.

Today My GS has 125,000 miles on it, and my GT has 118,000 miles on it. I love them both. Of course, one needs a GS for the Nez Perce Rally, the Pony Express Ride and Shoot, the trips into the San Rafel Swell, and the rest of the great “dirt rides”. But if one wants to cover a great number of miles between two points, the best choice would be the K1200GT.

I know some people only have one bike, but I don’t know how they manage. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of riding with others in the club. I’ve met some real good friends, and while I’m often one to go off in my own direction at the rallies, I do enjoy getting together again in the evenings for dinner and conversation.