Red Rock Rendezvous, June 17 – 20, 2021  HAS BEEN CANCELED

Dear fellow riders and Rally attendees:

It takes a lot to put together a successful Rally!

One of the many resource requirements to hold the RRR each year is the direct out of pocket financial costs the club commits to secure the venue and provide a safe, clean, enjoyable and leisure environment to afford a good experience for rally attendees.

In addition, a successful rally is extremely dependent on the many hours of service the Club Officers, Rally Organizers/Committee and Volunteers put in to request and obtain government permits, coordinate with potential suppliers and service providers, and deal with all the “small stuff” behind the scenes (bottomless daily coffee, cups, plates, donuts, rental of porta potties, “beer” garden needs, etc.).

With our specific Rally, the Panguitch Lion’s Club breakfast and Volunteer Fire Department Pit BBQ have always been two-2 of the most appreciated hi-lites of the RRR and it often requires several contacts to make these venues happen each year.

But most of all, the success of any Rally is the commitment by the minimum number of club members and/or rally attendees to cover the estimated costs with projected registration fees (usually a simple formula of estimated costs and estimated number of attendees to keep the club from bleeding red ink).

In years past, Rally attendance was always an event that many club members looked forward to and there was little concern with the items mentioned above. However, with the uncertain and challenging situation we face in 2021, it’s obvious that many club members are still cautious and simply not ready to return to “Rally” mode. Unfortunately, this means the club has no option other than to cancel the 2021 Red Rock Rendezvous.

For those of you that plan to attend the BMW MOA Int’l Rally in Great Falls, MT – hope to see you there.

Best Regards,

Lloyd Larimore
Rally Master

Safe Riding, Stay Positive and Test Negative