Red Rock Rendezvous

The Beehive Beemers Red Rock Rendezvous rally is located in what is known as Red Rock
Country near the center of Utah. The town of Panguitch is in Garfield County and we use
the Garfield County Fairgrounds as the rally site. The multi-acre fairgrounds are 100 yards
off of the east side of US Hwy 89 on the north end of downtown Panguitch.

Address RHP7+58 Panguitch, Utah

This is a family oriented rally and the atmosphere is very laid back, relaxed, and small
home-town. The riding in this area is spectacular with a number of National Parks,
National Monuments and State Parks close by. Panguitch is easy to get to and the cost
of this rally is one of the lowest you will find.  The Registration Form will be available for
download from the Beehive Beemer website next year.  Plan on attending the best small
rally with the biggest package of events and rides you will ever experience.

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“On-Line ticket sales have ended, however, you can still attend by paying the $50 registration at the door.  IF you plan to attend please email our registrar at with your intent, so we can maintain a general head count!  Thank you and see you in Panguitch!!”


Some of the fun on the GS ride this weekend at the Red Rock Rendezvous lead by Quinn Striland

We had a good GS ride – It was a Scenic Back road from the tourist brochure they handed out in our packets. I thought I would hear some grumbling that it wasn’t technical enough, but all I heard was compliments. We went to Posey Lake and Hells Backbone Bridge. And several (especially out of staters.) said I’ve always wanted to see Hells Backbone. Thanks for taking us.
We also went to the Burr Trail Cafe for Pie, and no one complained about that either.
And we rode a short way down the Burr Trail to a slot canyon I call the refrigerator. Because when we get off the bikes and walk down this slot canyon, the temperature drops from near 100 degrees to somewhere in the 60’s.
One person from Colorado said that the slot canyon was the high point of her trip.