Thank You For Your Application

We have received your application to either become a new member or renew your membership. Please use the information to the right to finish processing your application by sending Check or Money order to the following address:

Beehive Beemers of Utah
P.O. Box 521683
Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1683

Once we have received your payment, you will receive a follow up email from the Beehive Beemers after it has been processed.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are based on the month you join the Beehive Beemers. The dues are as follows:

January: $40.00 Per Person
February: $39.00 Per Person
March: $38.00 Per Person
April: $37.00 Per Person
May: $36.00 Per Person
June: $35.00 Per Person
July: $34.00 Per Person
August: $33.00 Per Person
September: $32.00 Per Person
October: $31.00 Per Person
November: $30.00 Per Person
December: $29.00 Per Person

Renewal Dues

All: $20.00 Per Person