Membership Payment

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We have received your request to become a new member. Please use the Paypal form on this page to complete your membership application. Once we have received payment you will receive a follow up email from the Beehive Beemers within 72 hours.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are based on the month you join the Beehive Beemers.

The dues are as follows:

January: $40.00 Per Person
February: $39.00 Per Person
March: $38.00 Per Person
April: $37.00 Per Person
May: $36.00 Per Person
June: $35.00 Per Person
July: $34.00 Per Person
August: $33.00 Per Person
September: $32.00 Per Person
October: $31.00 Per Person
November: $30.00 Per Person
December: $29.00 Per Person

Paypal Payment

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Please allow 72 hours for the Beehive Beemers to process your application after payment is submitted.