Little Red Ridinghood

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  • Jun 1, 2018 - Jun 2, 2018
    6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Event Description

The Little Red Riding Hood event is a non-competitive, women only bicycle ride benefiting the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The ride is actually 5 different distance rides of 27, 36, 50, 70 and 100 miles run simultaneously. There are 3,500 participants who register online via a lottery process. The ride is on June 2, 2018. The center of activities, including the start and finish lines is at the Fairgrounds in Lewiston, Utah.

Event Volunteer Services

The Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) event is supported by a large and well-organized group of volunteers who each fill a specific role to assist the event riders and assure a safe event.

Communications and Safety – Net Control – located at the Lewiston Fairgrounds. Net control will provide communication support to all event volunteers. Communications includes law enforcement and amateur radio, cell and land-line phone service.

Law Enforcement – Cache and Franklin County Sheriff, Utah Highway Patrol, Logan City Police. The counties and UHP on motorcycles will be present at the start of each group of riders and on course with police motors.

Medical – Trained, qualified medical teams will be on course and at strategic locations around the event routes to provide emergency first aid. This will include Motorcycle Ride Marshals who are qualified.

SAGs (Support and Gear) – 25 to 30 SAGs in cars and trucks will be circling the event routes. All SAGs will have radio communications to net control. All SAGs will have a selection of parts including tires and tubes as well as tools to assist the event riders with minor repairs.

Rest Stop Teams – Each of the 7 rest stops on the event routes includes a team managing the food and drink. There is an amateur radio communications operation at each of the rest stops.

Bicycle Ride Ambassadors – 50 ladies have volunteered to participate in the ride as ambassadors to help enforce bicycle riding rules, look for mechanical bicycle problems and assist in the event of an incident.

Motorcycle Ride Marshals (Motor Marshals) – 25-30 motorcycle ride marshals will be on course circling the event routes to assure safety of the event riders. The marshals remind riders of event and bicycling road rules, help riders to identify hazards including road damage, busy cross roads, high speed vehicle intersections, to assist in getting SAG support to a bike in need of repair and manage any accident along the route. Motor marshals will often be first on scene of an incident, accident or medical emergency and as such will provide first responder assistance and traffic management.

Motorcycle Ride Marshals Responsibilities

Enjoying riding around Cache Valley while helping to enforcement rules and safety are the primary responsibilities of the Motor Marshals

Remind event participants to follow rules of the road and to use common sense:
No earbuds or head phones
Stop at stop signs
Ride no more than 2 abreast
Wear helmet
Abide by all Utah and/or Idaho Bicycle Laws

Keep an eye out for bicycle condition that could result in loss of control

Identify road hazards and help event participants to avoid:
Pot holes
Dangerous intersections and/or railroad crossings
Heavily traveled high speed vehicle roads
High speed cross roads (one at the bottom of a down hill will be a major concern)

Respond to request for assistance or help from event participants.

Respond to request for assistance or help from Bicycle Ride Marshal

Securing an incident site and providing traffic control as needed when assisting with an incident.

Provide communications back to Net Control
To call for a SAG to repair a bike or offer shuttle service of bike and rider back to Lewiston
To call for medical team
To call in the event of minor or major incident

Motorcycle Ride Marshals will be required to wear an approved motorcycle helmet, protective riding jacket, riding boots and gloves.

Redirect ride participants if lost or off course

2018 will see 25-30 motor marshals circling the routes of LRRH.
2011 had the first motorcycles at this event. That year there were 3000 participants. The motorcycles were SAGs first year and there were about 8 motorcycles. The event organizers learned the advantage of highly maneuverable motorcycles that could quickly respond to situations and decided that future Little Red’s would have motorcycle ride marshals.
2012 the organizers asked that the motorcycles provide marshal support and abandon the SAG duty. That year was the first for 3500 participants. The organizers were faced with demonstrating to local communities along the route that sufficient safety and control measures were in place and felt that the motorcycles would be a major part of meeting that requirement. We had about 10 motorcycles and the organizers and participants were overwhelmingly impressed with the support of having the motor marshals on course. At end of 2012 LRRH in debriefing the lead motor marshal was challenged to providing at least 20 motors marshals in 2013.
In 2013 a total of 26 motorcycle ride marshals responded as volunteers. Most camped at the Lewiston fairgrounds Friday night before the ride. All had fun. The positive feedback from the participants, volunteers and UHP Motors was immediate and continued to the lead volunteer meeting on March 19, 2014. The motorcycle ride marshals are credited with helping to make the 2013 LRRH one of the safest to date. As I departed the valley I met with the UHP Motors who were excited to be a part of the event, had fun (anytime we can ride our motors somewhere out of the city…) and were very complimentary of both the motorcycle ride marshals and the participants.
2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 saw the motorcycle ride marshals grow to 30. We had Honda’s, Harleys, BMW’s, Yamaha’s and Ducati’s. Every single motor marshal expressed great satisfaction in being a part of the event. Several commented on the incredible organization that is Little Red.

Motor Ride Marshals Perks
The ride organizers will provide each motor ride marshal
Free Dinner Friday night
Free camping at Lewiston Fairgrounds
Free breakfast the morning of the event
Free food and drink all day during the event
Free volunteer custom designed shirt
$20 for fuel
Event Schedule
Friday June 1, 2018
Many of the Motorcycle Ride Marshals will spend the night in a tent at the Lewiston Fairgrounds. There are hotels in Logan. If you wish to stay in a hotel reserve ASAP. With 3500 riders, 450 volunteers and countless supporting fans, the little city of Logan’s hotels get full very fast.
If you are brining a trailer or other motorized RV, come early on Friday to make sure you get a good location. I will provide a map that outlines the Lewiston Fairgrounds and notes exactly where we will be setting up our operations.
4:30 PM – Registration check in – You will need to sign in and receive your dinner ticket, breakfast ticket, a custom designed shirt reflective of the event, a gift and your Ride Marshal Vest (Please return the vest at the end of the event!)
5:00 PM Motorcycle Ride Marshal Meeting – East side of the bleachers in the grass
Meet and greet
Brief review of rules, responsibilities, emergency phone numbers and ride assignments and hand out of fuel money.

Saturday June 2, 2018
Breakfast begins at 6:00 AM
Event starts at 7:30 with the release of the first group. The ride groups will then release every 5 minutes until the last group departs at 10:45
Event ends at 6:00 PM (will actually be later)

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