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Precautions While Traveling … In An Armed Land

By: James R. Davis A Canadian recently posted the following message in which he expressed his concerns about traveling on his motorcycle in the United States: [blockquote]As a group of us are planning a trip through Wash, Oregon and Calif along the pacific coast and further inland in May, (without any guns and only a small knife to cut our BBQ'd steak.) Are there any precautions that we should be taking or places that we should avoid? The question [...]

2015-07-15T13:39:04-06:00Oct 4, 2012|Safety Tips|

Intersection Escape Routes: Accelerate or Decelerate – Not Turn or Swerve!

By: James R. Davis You have just entered an intersection (at, say, 30 MPH) and notice that a vehicle is about to enter the intersection from the left it will not, cannot, stop in time and unless you do something fast you are going to collide. What are your options? What escape paths do you have? I propose that there are only two choices: accelerate or decelerate. Turning or swerving to the right is not a reasonable alternative [...]

2015-07-16T10:16:53-06:00Aug 27, 2012|Safety Tips|


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