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I’m originally from Oklahoma. I joined the US Air Force when my lottery number came up in 1970 during the Vietnam draft. We lived in many places in the service, but Colorado was easily our favorite, so we knew we eventually wanted to settle down near the mountains. When my obligated time in the USAF was completed, we found a job opening in Ogden and moved our family here in 1984.

I had never even sat on a motorcycle until I retired in 2004. As a physician I had seen my share of devastating motorcycle injuries during my neurosurgery rotation in medical school and working in emergency rooms. I always thought riding a motorcycle wasn’t worth the risk, at least until I retired. At that time, my son and son-in-law, both riders, and I took the MSF Basic Rider Course. I found I really liked riding, even though I was the only one in our class not to pass the course rider test. I was just up tight and aced it a week later after some practice. Since then I’ve owned a dozen or so bikes, mainly BMWs. I enjoy long, cross country rides, mostly alone or occasionally with one other compatible rider. I’ve ridden solo to both coasts a number of times, but my most memorable ride was to the Arctic Circle. I also enjoy doing 99% of my own wrenching on my bikes. Like many teen boys growing up in the 60s, I liked working on cars. Now days cars are just too complicated, so working on motorcycles scratches that itch. I’ve been a club member since around 2007 and served in every officer position except treasurer which is fortunate for the club. I find myself downsizing my bikes as I get older, but I hope to ride for at least another decade or well into my 80s.