The summer after my second year in college I had a job as a gas station attendant, back when someone would actually come out to your car and pump the gas and clean the windshield. The assistant manager had a re-painted 650cc Triumph Trophy; said it was a 1961. He gave me a ride one day and I was instantly in love. Having survived the Lucas electrics of a TR-3 and MGA, I bought the Triumph from him a few weeks later and passed my motorcycle license on a borrowed Cushman shooter since the Triumph scared me the first few weeks I had it... Learn More

I’m actually a relative newcomer to the BMW riding community. My early business career kept me very busy, and I had very little time for the fun times I now enjoy riding motorcycles.

After spending some time in Houston Texas in the “Oil Patch”, and returning to salt lake in 1991 I purchased a used 1980 Yamaha Midnight Special. A sweet bike – black with gold chrome. Triple carbs. Only 850 cc, but it is a fun bike when all three carburetors are tuned up. I still have it in my garage. In 2000, I bought a new Victory Sport Cruiser. I did some Yellowstone trips, a couple of trips into Colorado to ride the million dollar highway, Wyoming, Reno Nevada, etc. I probably only rode 30,000 miles on the two bikes in the 5 years between 2000 and 2005.

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My introduction to motorcycles was while visiting a good friend at about age 8 and his Dad had picked up an old Indian motorcycle … only thing I remember for sure, was the stick shift and a very enjoyable day ‘messing around’ with the bike riding up and down the alley.

By the time I was 17 Dad had ‘invested’ in a couple of farms. One of the tenants we had renting the house on one of the farms had an aqua and white Suzuki GT 750. When I was working out at this farm, I would spend lots of time looking at this bike and as luck would have it, he wanted the ’62 VW ‘Bug’ that I drove, but Dad owned... Read More

With the exception of my bicycle, (human power plant) I started riding two wheeled (real) power at the age of 14. That’s when my Dad bought me an old military service cycle. It had bicycle type wheels, a single cylinder two stroke engine and a two speed belt drive to the rear wheel pulley. It was ugly to say the least. Later I graduated to a 175 Puch and then a 30-50 Indian... Read More